My works in the field of physical science

  1. The meaning of the postulates in Special Relativity.

    It is shown the cause of the invariant value of the light speed on the ground of 4D model.
    (Published 23.11.16)

  2. Electrodynamics in the model of 4D matter

    Hydrodynamical model of four-dimensional medium similar to the ideal fluid is presented in the first four sections. As the medium is supposed to be incondensable and located in a limited volume, the expansion of the Euler equation to four dimensions are applied to describe its behavior. Electromagnetic field is derived as the consequence of the velocity field of the medium. The amalogue of the Helmholtz equation for vorticity of the velocity field and the analogue of the Maxewll's equations are obtained. The former let to treat the 4D electromagnetic field as the frozen field into the medium. The latter has a problem with the sign at the displacement term.
    (published 25.12.13)

  3. "The Quantun Mechanics" in the model of 4D medium pdf
    (published 18.01.13, edited 20.01.13)

    It is given the description of some basic notions of the quantum mechanics in the frame of the model of 4D medium ("4D ether"): the uncertainty relation of Heisenberg, the spectrum of the energy for the hydrogen atom, the wave function, the de Broyle wave and some others.

  4. The nature of the Lorentz transformation pdf vixra:1204.0082
    (published 21/04/2012)
    (edited 2/05/2012)

    The analysis of the Lorentz transformation shows that it is the result of the rotation and translation in the ordinary Euclidean 4D space and therefore it is the transformation of Galileo in the essence.

  5. The Michelson-Morly experiment in the model of the 4D matter pdf vixra:1204.0041
    (published 11/04/2012)

    It is shown on the basis of 4D matter model that the whole effect in the Mickelson- Morley experiment is of third order of V/c.

  6. About result of Michelson-Morly experiment html
    (published 18/12/2006)

    It is clear after five years that the whole effect in the Mickelson- Morley experiment is of third order of V/c.

  7. The velosity of neutrono in the 4D medium model. pdf vixra:1111.0025
    (published 04.11.11)

    The trial to explain the OPERA experiment on superlight speed detection is given. The good agreement with the 4D medium model is obtained.

  8. The asteroid belt. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 03.08.11)

    The remark about the possible linkage between the round orbits of asteroids and the null mean curvature of the hypersurface of the 4D-Universe.

  9. The optics in the 4D-medium model. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 28.04.11)

    It is the trial to apply the idea about the four-dimensional Universe to such phenomena as the light passing through an optically dense medium, the refraction, the light passing through the moving medium and so called the gravitational time delay (the Shapiro delay).

  10. STR and the 4D-medium model. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 21.12.10, edited 20.02.11)

    The comparison of two methods for the derivation of the Lorentz transformation is carried on and the experiment on the checking of the relativity of simultaneity is suggested.

  11. The light aberration in the 4D-medium model. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 25.09.09, edited 5.06.11)

    In the model proposed the simple deriavation for the amendment of the angle of the aberration was given. The dependence from the angle of the observation is different from that given by Special Theory of Relativity which should be called as Aberrational Theory of Relativity.

  12. The anomaly of the Mercury's perihelium in the 4D-medium model. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 03.07.09, edited 28.04.11)

    On the basis of the modified law of gravitation and known values of the perihelium displacements of the planets close to Sun it was calculated the transition coefficient from the square units into mass units for the model given. It seems to be useful in classification of the Solar system objects.

  13. Gravitation in the model of the 4D-medium. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 20.05.09)
    Corrections. pdf
    (published 11.02.11)

    It is proposed the special form of the whirl in the model of 4D-medium which parameters can be linked with the particle mass. The consideration of the force of the surface tense leads to the modified law of the univeral gratitation. The spherical shape of the Universe puts restiction on the radius of the gravitation action.

  14. On the structure of the 4D-medium. (in Russian) pdf
    (published 2.10.08)

    It is shown by comparing with the structures of the lower dimensions that the 4D-pentahedron can be the building element for the 4D-medium. The particles of the medium, named apeirons previously, must have a bigger removability in comparison with 2D and 3D particles.

  15. Relativistic mechanics in the model of 4D-medium. pdf
    (published 22/06/08)

    The expression for the Lagrange function for a whirl in the model of the 4D medium was given. It is close to that for a free particle that was given by special theory of relativity. This fact lets to treat the relativistic change of the energy on the more simple goemetric language without the notions introduced in special theory of Relativity.
  16. On the expansion of the Universe. html
    (published 29/08/10)

    The cause of the recession of the galaxies may be clear up by simple geometrical picture. It is not coupled by any means with the universe expansion and all the more with the expansion of the space. The last fact, the detection of the space free from galaxies, is also explained.

  17. The rotation given in the title of the work had caused a short. (in Russian) html pdf
    (published 8.08.07, edited 14.09.07)

    There are some discussions on the forums. The paper given is invoked to elucidate some points of the debates.

  18. About the mass in the model of 4D-aether. html
    (published 5/04/07)

    The mass is introduced as a measure of matter quantity in the classical physics. In the Theory of Relativity it is established the equivalency of the mass and the energy. Here these notions are endowed by a geometrical purport in the 4D-aether model.

  19. The Reference Frames in 4D-model of the Aether html
    (published 26/01/2007)

    The reference frame in 4D space is not the same as in usual 3D space. It is showing the correct building of it helps to elucidate some notions of the Special Theory of Relativity.

  20. The Hierarchy of the Nature Objects html
    (published 30/11/2006)

    It is a philosophical and onthological work. It means that there is only inderect link with physics relating to the principles of the building system which includes in itself all thinkable objects in the frame of the physical model above proposed. It is given some initial determinations for these objects as well.

  21. Some consequences of 4D-model of aether. html

    It is proposed dozen short theses

  22. The light in 4D-model of the Aether html   pdf

    There are many models of aether. Here is a new one.

  23. To the derivation of the Lorents transformation

    A trial to get the Lorentz transformation from one reference frame to another one by the simplest way. It occurs that the first frame reduced to the second by the passive rotation. It is the first part of the next paper.

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